Marijuana Superstore Opens In Seattle

A building in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, instead of a state-run liquor store, now holds “the Whole Foods of weed,” according to the man who owns the business inside.

Green Ambrosia opened last Saturday and is the biggest medical marijuana dispensary of the city. The opening comes as Washington’s Liquor Control Board and lawmakers decide how to regulate the sales of recreational marijuana in the wake of initiative 502, which legalized the use and possession of small amounts of pot.

“This could be the face of what I-502 enabled pot looks like,” explained Green Ambrosia owner Dante Jones.

The business of Jones has operated since 2011, but only recently opened a storefront. Behind a bamboo wall inside is a large glass table loaded with jars of marijuana and there are restrictions on how much medical marijuana a business can have on sale.

Jones while planning for whatever regulations may come from I-502 said he is not sure how the licensing will work.

“We’re preparing for it,” he said, “As a business owner, the only thing I can hope for is that they’re going to continue the same set of standards (included in the initiative).”

Public forums are being held across the state on how to license recreational marijuana and it is still possible no matter what the state decides that the federal government could take action against Washington State since, according to federal law, marijuana is still illegal.

Growing Marijuana Hydroponically

If you are thinking about growing marijuana (also known as weed, cannabis, and pot), you would be surprised to note that it is an extremely easy task if you know the basics. Moreover, growing marijuana hydroponically would offer higher yields and a shorter grow time when compared to growing marijuana in soil.

The first thing before you need to do is to buy marijuana seeds or clones, premium quality hydroponic nutrients, pots for growing weed plants, coco coir, two 42-watt CFL bulbs, enough light sockets, timer, and a pH testing kit.

Now it is the time for you to put the lights a little higher than the height of the pots with enough raised room to the final height of the plants. Once done, you need to start feeding the plants with tap or filtered water that is complemented with nutrients to have a pH of 5.5-6.0 to ensure proper nutrient absorption.

If top of the coco coir starts feeling dry, you need to water the weed plants with nutrient-filled water and keep the plants of marijuana in the vegetative growth stage until they are approximately half their desired height; this can be done by offering them light for 18-24 hours a day. Once the plants have reached the desired height levels, you should change light schedule to on for 12 hours a day, and off for 12 hours a day so that a signal is passed to the plants for start producing buds.

After all thus, you need to determine the plant gender after a period of one to two weeks after the light schedule is changed for the flowering stage to get rid of male plants. It is worthwhile to note that the male plants would start growing grape-like balls to become pollen secs; the female plants would grow white hairs. If both male and female plants are not separated, the female plants would end up making many seeds instead of buds. Thereafter, you need to wait patiently until the marijuana plants mature in the flowering stage, which can last from six weeks to twelve weeks or longer depending on the type of marijuana strain grown.

Now you should start feeding the weed plants just plain and pH’ed water one to two weeks before the harvesting time else you may feel the taste of nutrients in the final buds. When the marijuana plants are ready for harvest, you need to cut down the whole plants. Alternatively, you can cut off pieces of buds at a time when about 50 to 75 percent of the while hairs or pistils have turned brown or amber. Thereafter, you need to trim the plant in such a way that there are no leaves sticking from the buds. Once you are done with this, you just need to hang the trimmed buds in a upside down position in a dark and cool place and allow them to dry until the buds are able to snap off in a clean manner. The last step is all about placing the buds in an air-tight container and leaving them in a dark and cool place for about two weeks to a month.

White Widow

White widow another world favorite and well known for its great taste and ability to get you stoned off your face. This plant is delicate and lanky as it grows tall. The bud have so much THC crystals on them its almost hard to see any of the bud. Your high is a social high with an energetic boost that you can’t really find anywhere else this strain is a must try.

Type : Indica – Sativa mix
Climate : indoor
Yield : 450 gr/m2
Height : 35 – 60 cm
Flowering period : 8 weeks
Harvest : begin September
THC level : strong 20% – 25%
Grow Difficulty : Moderate

White Queen

White Queen the strongest and finest marijuana genetics found. With large shiny crystals jam packed with THC levels of 20-25%. Another great aspect is the ability to keep away from disease which is promising for any yield. This strain is so popular that people swear to believe its stress relieving properties to be out of this world.

Type : indica – sativa
Climate : indoor – outdoor
Yield : 500 m2 indoor
Height : 35 – 65 cm
Flowering period : 8 – 9 weeks
Harvest : September
THC level : 20% – 25%
Grow Difficulty : moderate


Tropicanna has a fruity taste hence its name and has been selected to be crossed with Big Bud and White Widow giving it a very distinctive smell and appearance. Tropicanna produces very large buds which is a great benefit for growers looking to bring in large yields.

Type : indica
Climate : indoor – outdoor
Yield : 500 gr/m2
Height : 90 cm
Flowering period : 6 – 9 weeks
Harvest : September
Stoned or High : tropical buzzz
THC level : 15% – 17,5%
Grow Difficulty : easy

Swiss Marijuana

Swiss Marijuana is a great starter grow for its persistence against disease and grows to withstand cool weather and will resist most molds. A great option for a short season outdoor grow. The yield can be large and the taste and smell is also incredible.

Outdoor Marijuana Strain
Type : Indica / Sativa
Yield : up to 300 gram / square meter
Height : 40-55 cm
Climate : outdoor
Flowering period 8/9 wk’s

Snow White

Snow White marijuana strains has a good reputation as a sturdy plant having grown in mountainous conditions being linked to europe and B.C. This strain produces a very firm bud with fat leaves and has a very stocky appearance to the bud. Great for outdoors and indoors as well.

Indoor Marijuana Strain
Type : Indica
Yield : up to 400 gram / square meter
Height : 150-200 cm
Climate : indoor / greenhouse
Flowering period 8/10 wk’s
Harvest: end of Sep.

Skunk Weed

Skunk Weed is one of the smelliest strains in the world. Always a recommended strain for beginners as it has strong stems and can take a beating. A very good high and taste.

Indoor  Marijuana
Type : Indica
Yield : up to 100 gram / square meter
Height : 150-180 cm
Climate : indoor
Flowering period 8/10 weeks


Shiva is a small bushy indica plant, it grows well in warmer climates and can produce quite a large yield considering how small the plant gets. The buds are large and covered in THC crystals. This strain like others has a very distinct smell and taste.

Type : Indica – Sativa mix
Climate : indoor
Yield : 500 gr/m2
Height : 50 – 80 cm
Flowering period : 9 weeks
Harvest : end of September
THC level : 15 – 20%
Grow Difficulty : Easy