White Widow

White widow another world favorite and well known for its great taste and ability to get you stoned off your face. This plant is delicate and lanky as it grows tall. The bud have so much THC crystals on them its almost hard to see any of the bud. Your high is a social high with an energetic boost that you can’t really find anywhere else this strain is a must try.

Type : Indica – Sativa mix
Climate : indoor
Yield : 450 gr/m2
Height : 35 – 60 cm
Flowering period : 8 weeks
Harvest : begin September
THC level : strong 20% – 25%
Grow Difficulty : Moderate

White Queen

White Queen the strongest and finest marijuana genetics found. With large shiny crystals jam packed with THC levels of 20-25%. Another great aspect is the ability to keep away from disease which is promising for any yield. This strain is so popular that people swear to believe its stress relieving properties to be out of this world.

Type : indica – sativa
Climate : indoor – outdoor
Yield : 500 m2 indoor
Height : 35 – 65 cm
Flowering period : 8 – 9 weeks
Harvest : September
THC level : 20% – 25%
Grow Difficulty : moderate


Tropicanna has a fruity taste hence its name and has been selected to be crossed with Big Bud and White Widow giving it a very distinctive smell and appearance. Tropicanna produces very large buds which is a great benefit for growers looking to bring in large yields.

Type : indica
Climate : indoor – outdoor
Yield : 500 gr/m2
Height : 90 cm
Flowering period : 6 – 9 weeks
Harvest : September
Stoned or High : tropical buzzz
THC level : 15% – 17,5%
Grow Difficulty : easy

Swiss Marijuana

Swiss Marijuana is a great starter grow for its persistence against disease and grows to withstand cool weather and will resist most molds. A great option for a short season outdoor grow. The yield can be large and the taste and smell is also incredible.

Outdoor Marijuana Strain
Type : Indica / Sativa
Yield : up to 300 gram / square meter
Height : 40-55 cm
Climate : outdoor
Flowering period 8/9 wk’s

Snow White

Snow White marijuana strains has a good reputation as a sturdy plant having grown in mountainous conditions being linked to europe and B.C. This strain produces a very firm bud with fat leaves and has a very stocky appearance to the bud. Great for outdoors and indoors as well.

Indoor Marijuana Strain
Type : Indica
Yield : up to 400 gram / square meter
Height : 150-200 cm
Climate : indoor / greenhouse
Flowering period 8/10 wk’s
Harvest: end of Sep.

Skunk Weed

Skunk Weed is one of the smelliest strains in the world. Always a recommended strain for beginners as it has strong stems and can take a beating. A very good high and taste.

Indoor  Marijuana
Type : Indica
Yield : up to 100 gram / square meter
Height : 150-180 cm
Climate : indoor
Flowering period 8/10 weeks


Shiva is a small bushy indica plant, it grows well in warmer climates and can produce quite a large yield considering how small the plant gets. The buds are large and covered in THC crystals. This strain like others has a very distinct smell and taste.

Type : Indica – Sativa mix
Climate : indoor
Yield : 500 gr/m2
Height : 50 – 80 cm
Flowering period : 9 weeks
Harvest : end of September
THC level : 15 – 20%
Grow Difficulty : Easy

Pride of Amsterdam

Pride of Amsterdam is a very strong hybrid strain with large buds. The hybrid comes from a cross between White Widow, Northern Light and Big Bud. This combination brings a very potent plant to life when smoked and can keep you stoned for a very long time.

Type : mostly indica
Climate : indoor
Yield : 500 gr/m2
Height : 45 – 65 cm
Flowering period : 9 – 10 weeks
Harvest : end of September
THC level : 21%
Grow Difficulty : Easy – moderate

Northern Lights

Northern Lights marijuana produces large leaves and large buds covered in THC crystals. Suitable for indoor growing. A strong flavorful smoke and and great body high can be obtained from smoking this particular strain, a very popular strain around the world.

Type : Indica
Climate : indoor
Yield : 400 gr/m2
Height : 60 – 80 cm
Flowering period : 9 – 11 weeks
Harvest : end of September
Stoned or High : Sativa high – Cereberal buzz
THC level : 15% – 20%
Grow Difficulty : Moderate


Misty Marijuana is a very popular original with relations to the white widow and smoking enthusiasts have stated it has powerful THC glands that promote a very cerebral high. Can be grown indoor and outdoor. Also recommended for beginner growers as it is quite a easy plant to work with.

Type : Indica – sativa mix
Climate : indoor
Yield : 425 gr/m2
Height : 70 cm
Flowering period : 8 weeks
Harvest : September
THC level : 17.5% – 20%
Grow Difficulty : Easy