Official US Approval For Medical Marijuana Hydroponics Nutrients

Oregon regulators have given first-ever official US approval to a brand of medical marijuana hydroponics nutrients in a landmark decision.

Oregon and most other US states have regulatory agencies that evaluate fertilizers and hydroponics plant supplements for determining the legitimacy, ingredients, and effectiveness of plant growth products.

Advanced Nutrients co-founder Michael Straumietis welcomed the news that the government of Oregon proffered formal approval for an Advanced Nutrients formula designed for a specific strain of medical marijuana.

“Regulatory approval is a breakthrough for the medical marijuana community,” Straumietis explains. “For the first time, government regulators have examined and affirmed the use of crop-specific medical marijuana hydroponics nutrients.”

Regulators nationwide had apparently never considered how hydroponics nutrients specifically affect medical marijuana crops until Straumietis asked regulators for examining the effectiveness of medical marijuana and safety of Advanced Nutrients hydroponics formulas.

”It hasn’t been part of the discussion, until now,” Straumietis explains. “For example, when fertilizer regulators evaluate fertilizers that have labels claiming to produce larger tomatoes, they require specific efficacy data proving those claims. Now Oregon regulators have opened the door for formal evaluation of hydroponics nutrients and medical marijuana growth, quality and yield.”

The regulatory decision was applauded by Oregon medical marijuana patients, cultivators, doctors, and advocates who were previously citing their long-held concern that regulators were not looking at how hydroponics nutrients interact with medical marijuana.

“Advanced Nutrients and the medical marijuana community give kudos to Oregon regulators for being the first state regulators to evaluate the science of medical marijuana and hydroponics nutrients,” Straumietis says. “Our community is looking for similar action from regulators in other medical marijuana states.”


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