Amsterdam Indica

Amsterdam Indica strain is quite a short plant with bushy buds loaded with THC crystals. The plants name gives a clue to its origin. The genetics of this plant resort back to the Afghan strain with other Indicas. With the hybrid genetics it promotes the plants good strength.

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate: Indoor
Yield : 450 gr/m2
Height : 35 – 50 cm
Flowering period : 8-9 weeks
Harvest : end of September
THC level : 15% – 20%
Grow Difficulty : easy – moderate

4-Way Marijuana

4 way marijuana strains differ in variety for inside growth. This particular strain will grow under any circumstance and can produce some extravagant buds. It tends to flower quite early as an Indica plant. And grows very full with tall fat tops. This strain can produce a sweet aroma and a very satisfying Indica High.

Indoor / Outdoor Marijuana
Type : Mostly Indica 

Yield: up to 200 gr (indoor) / up to 500 gr (outdoor)
Height : 50-60 cm / 150-175 cm
Climate : indoor
Flowering period 8/9 wk’s