United Kingdom

United Kingdom Marijuana Laws

United Kingdom Marijuana LawsThe plant cannabis is a schedule 1 drug in all forms (leaf, bud, resin etc.) and not available for regular medicinal use. A medicinal extract, Sativex, is licensed for use in clinical trials and an unlicensed drug for named patients.

The synthetic cannabinoid, Nabilone, is licensed as a Schedule 4 drug under laws of the country for use in chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting besides being widely used for treating pain and spasticity. Growing any cannabis (for medicinal or recreational purposes) is illegal, with no exceptions, unless authorized by a government license.


Turkey Marijuana Laws

Turkey Marijuana LawsThe cultivation of cannabis is strictly controlled by the Turkish government, primarily because of its seeds that are used as a spice in some food items like bread and other baked products. In the country, the THC-containing cannabis is totally forbidden. Sale of cannabis (trafficking) is punishable with long-term imprisonment while individuals carrying less than 12.5g of weed are made to attend rehab once a week and subjected to mandatory drug screenings for a period of six months if it is a first offense.


Switzerland Marijuana Laws

Switzerland Marijuana LawsIn Switzerland, cannabis is classified as a narcotic substance and its production or sale is punishable by a monetary penalty or imprisonment of up to three years. The country tolerates limited public consumption and more than 100 tons of cannabis was produced per year on some 250 hectares of land in 1998.


Sweden Marijuana Laws

Sweden Marijuana LawsIn the country, it is illegal purchase, possess, sell, transfer, or consume any amount of cannabis. Any individual suspected of using cannabis can be ordered to take a drug test by the police. Minor offences, usually, render a 30 day-fine (a day-fine is currently between 50 to 1000 SEK, largely depending on income).

On the other hand, the possession and occasional cultivation of plants for personal use attracts a higher fine of up to 150 day-fines. Punishments range from 6 months to 10 years imprisonment for the purchase, smuggling and possession of larger amounts, organized cultivation, or sale of cannabis. It is worthwhile to note that ungerminated cannabis seeds are not legally classified as cannabis and mere possession of seeds is considered illegal per se.


Spain Marijuana Laws

spain marijuana lawsBecause of its harmful potential, cannabis is included in the restricted plants’ list in Spain. The sale and cultivation of cannabis is forbidden under Article 368 PC. However, cannabis cultivation for research, teaching, and therapeutic purposes is allowed under the law.

Self-consumption of cannabis is not punishable under the law, which does not consider the user as a criminal. The possession of cannabis prior to consumption is not illegal unless such possession or consumption is on the street. It is legal to buy or sell cannabis seeds in Spain. The use and possession of cannabis in public places is considered as a misdemeanor under public health laws and is punishable by fines and confiscation.


Russian Marijuana Laws

russian marijuana lawsThe possession of cannabis (dry weight of up to 6g) is punishable by fine of 500-1000 roubles while possession exceeding this amount of 6g is punishable by prison term. Growing more than cannabis plants is also punishable by prison term. The consumption of cannabis is not criminalized or punishable though “intoxicated behavior in public” could attract a fine of $10.


Romania Marijuana Laws

Romania Marijuana LawsThe country is second only to China in the world of hemp fiber. However, possession of cannabis (any quantity) is punishable under the law as marijuana is considered as a high-risk drug. Unlawful cultivation, production, manufacture, testing, extraction, preparation, processing, purchase or possession of marijuana or other related drugs, for personal use, is punishable under the law with imprisonment of 2 to 5 years. The possession of seeds is not banned though neither classified as legal or illegal; possession of seeds can lead to mere confiscation.


Portugal Marijuana Laws

Portugal Marijuana LawsThe personal consumption of cannabis is limited in the range of 0.5g hashish, 2.5g marijuana, and 0.25 of hash oil per day. An individual is not allowed to possess more than 10 daily doses; any excess is treated as trafficking. The cultivation of cannabis or possession of seeds is completely illegal.


Poland Marijuana Laws

Poland Marijuana LawsCannabis is classified as a controlled substance in the country and its possession is a criminal offense that is punishable with imprisonment up to 3 years, or up to 8 years if the quantity in possession is considered “law” upon present law. The cultivation of cannabis is also illegal and offenders can be imprisoned up to a period of three years or up to eight years if the amount is considered “large”.