No Grey Area In Canadian Pot Laws

According to a professor at Thompson Rivers University’s Faculty of Law, there is no grey area as far as the legality of marijuana in Canada is concerned.

“I’m not sure how grey it is from a legal perspective,” Micah Rankin told KTW. “I think a lot of times police are using some restraint and discretion in not bothering to do anything, but it’s black and white insofar as this is not something that’s been challenged in the courts.”

Rankin, a teacher of criminal and constitutional law at TRU, spoke to KTW in the wake of last week’s RCMP raid on the Canadian Safe Cannabis Society (CSCS), which is a so-called compassion club on Tranquille Road.

Compassion clubs, sometimes referred to as marijuana dispensaries, are places where medical marijuana users access their drugs. The use of medical marijuana is legal in the country and drug access is available legitimately through Health Canada.
“It seems to me the problem is not using marijuana, but the problem is selling marijuana,” Rankin said.

CSCS staff and clients have said the facility provides marijuana only to people with Health Canada certification or a note from a doctor. Neither of those makes their sales legal, according to Health Canada.