Albania Marijuana Laws

The possession, sale, cultivation, or transportation of cannabis is illegal in Albania. However, marijuana laws in the country are rarely enforced. The country has witness fewer than ten arrests in five years.

albania-marijuana-lawsIn Albania, marijuana is produced domestically and there has been enough evidence that the same is distributing to other parts of Europe. It is worthwhile to note that statistics on drug trafficking and abuse in the country continue to be unreliable. In recent years, the government has been confronting criminal elements more aggressively, in response to international pressure and with international assistance. The country is a party to the major UN drug conventions, including the 1988 UN Drug Convention.

According to the Youth Risky Behavior Survey (YRBS) (Institute of Public Health Albania, 2006) that was carried out in 2005 by the Institute of Public Health, 5.4 % of those aged 14 to 18 years in the country had experimented with cannabis. In the year 2007, there were 271 cases of cannabis cultivation, 84 offenders prosecuted, and 177, 074 plants destroyed. Despite government measures, Albania remains a country of origin for cannabis and its derivatives (marijuana, hashish, hashish oil) and cannabis seems to be the only narcotic plant cultivated in the country.