How to roll a Fatty

  • Fatty

    What you will need:

    3 rolling papers



    1. Fold one piece of the rolling paper in half with the glue facing out, lick the glue.

    2. Now stick the other two papers together side by side slightly overlapping with the folded paper in between them.

    3. Remove the folded piece from in between the other two pieces and press them back together.

    4. Add your grinded up marijuana to the center of the paper and smoothen it length wise with your finger.

    5. Start in the center and begin to fold the bottom edge over the mix with your index fingers.

    6. Continue to do so until your fingers reach the corners of the joint.

    7. Carefully replace your index fingers on the center of the joint and begin to roll it over once again and continue to the outside.

    8. Use your saliva and use your lips to bring the glue down onto the joint.


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