Synthetic Marijuana Use On The Rise In U.S Military

  • More and more members of the U.S. troops are increasingly making use of an easy-to-get herbal mix known as “Spice” that mimics marijuana high. The product cannot be easily detected and may bring on hallucinations that last for days. Spice has became so much popular among the troop forces that military officials have already introduced an aggressive testing program this year, resulting in investigation of more than 1,100 suspected users.

    Spice, the so-called “synthetic” pot has became very popular nationwide in the last few years and can be easily purchased on the internet. Its growing popularity among members of the armed forces has raised concerns among the Pentagon brass.
    Mark Ridley, deputy director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, said the armed forces are required to handle sensitive things and troop members should be in the right mind while performing their duties and this is the reason why the Navy has always taken a zero tolerance policy toward drugs.

    The investigative service said that the numbers of Marines and sailors who were investigated for Spice climbed to 700 this year, compared with only 29 two years ago. The U.S. Air Force has handed over punishment to 497 airmen this year, compared to 380 in the last year, according to Pentagon figures. The Army has medically treated 119 soldiers for Spice in total. Officials of the military forces remarked that those caught making use of Spice represented only a small fraction of the forces and no one involved was in a leadership position or believed to be on a high while on duty.

    Generally, the Spice packets disclose that these ingredients are not for human consumption and meant for aromatherapy purposes while being described as “mood enhancing” and “long lasting” product.

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