New Jersey About To Let Medical Marijuana Facilities Open

  • On 21st November, 2011, New Jersey moved a bit closer to allow medical marijuana facilities open. However, it made it clear that this is unlikely to happen in the first few months of the year 2012.

    Forms that would be required by alternative treatment centers to get permits to start doing business were posted by the state Health and Senior Services Department. Earlier this year, New Jersey selected six non-profit groups for growing and selling pot to qualifying patients under a law adopted in January 2010. But, the state is yet to finalize regulations for the program.

    Greenleaf Compassion Center, one of the prospective pot-providers, says it has already lined up locations and awaiting state approval. The center also said that it would take about four months to grow a crop before it could begin selling to patients from a storefront in Montclair.

    The forms ask the organizations for background checks on employees and for local zoning approval documentation, among other things. The state may take 60 days for issuing permits after receiving completed forms, under the law.

    Health Department spokeswoman Donna Leusner said the reviews would be “completed expeditiously to ensure the integrity of the program and to make medicinal marijuana available to patients as soon as possible.”

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