New Hampshire Medicinal Marijuana Prospects Get Boost

  • The state of New Hampshire gets a much better chance to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana today than at any time in its history. This is because, for the first time, both major political parties have nominated a candidate – Republican Ovide Lamontagne, of Manchester, and Democrat Maggie Hassan, of Exeter – who endorse the change. In addition to this, three-time Libertarian candidate John Babiarz, of Grafton, likewise has supported the claim of New Hampshire to become the 18th state to make marijuana available to chronically ill patients.

    Republican Ovide Lamontagne extended support to medicinal marijuana if it is properly prescribed by a physician for the right reasons and if it is dispensed safely by a pharmacist.

    A four-term Democrat, outgoing Gov. John Lynch, recently remarked that conceptually he was not opposed to the idea but he vetoed two attempts by the Legislature to make it happen. The first time was when Democrats were in power in 2009 and when Republicans held the power again in June. The outgoing governor however raised concerns about lack of oversight and risk of proliferation.

    The Senate’s 13-10 vote fell shy of the two-thirds majority in late June that was needed to override Lynch’s veto.

    Rep. Cindy Rosenwald, D-Nashua, said it is pleasing as this would not be a divisive issue in this campaign and there would be a governor who can help us make this happen. To become law, the governor would however have to overcome strong opposition from law enforcement and perhaps from the attorney general.

    It was maintained by State Police Maj. Russell Conte that medical marijuana laws in other states of the United States have either failed to restrict who can receive it legally or have led to abuses by unscrupulous residents. Medical marijuana law opponents pointed out that one in 33 residents qualified for an identification card to make them eligible for medical marijuana that would mean about 40,000 residents.

    Assistant Attorney General Karin Eckel said most states have failed to keep the recreational use of marijuana out of the medical marijuana equation.

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