Marijuana Superstore Opens In Seattle

  • A building in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, instead of a state-run liquor store, now holds “the Whole Foods of weed,” according to the man who owns the business inside.

    Green Ambrosia opened last Saturday and is the biggest medical marijuana dispensary of the city. The opening comes as Washington’s Liquor Control Board and lawmakers decide how to regulate the sales of recreational marijuana in the wake of initiative 502, which legalized the use and possession of small amounts of pot.

    “This could be the face of what I-502 enabled pot looks like,” explained Green Ambrosia owner Dante Jones.

    The business of Jones has operated since 2011, but only recently opened a storefront. Behind a bamboo wall inside is a large glass table loaded with jars of marijuana and there are restrictions on how much medical marijuana a business can have on sale.

    Jones while planning for whatever regulations may come from I-502 said he is not sure how the licensing will work.

    “We’re preparing for it,” he said, “As a business owner, the only thing I can hope for is that they’re going to continue the same set of standards (included in the initiative).”

    Public forums are being held across the state on how to license recreational marijuana and it is still possible no matter what the state decides that the federal government could take action against Washington State since, according to federal law, marijuana is still illegal.

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