Legalizing Marijuana

  • What would be better than a new economic foundation that is based on renewable energy sources? Wouldn’t it be better to create thousands of jobs by a stroke of the pen? By classifying marijuana (also known as hemp and cannabis) as a medicine and granting the legal status, the world would surely be a better place to live.

    Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs across the world, yet it is given an illegal status by some countries. The valid reason for this illegality is none and the valid reasons for granting it the legal status are endless.

    If you have been wondering why marijuana is an illegal drug, this is because big pharmaceuticals are threatened by marijuana, the wonder drug, which could be used to treat almost every medical complication known to the mankind. Drug cartels in Mexico and beer distributors in California opposed the legalization of marijuana as they feared it would reduce their profits.

    If that is not all, some politicians oppose legalization of marijuana as they are afraid they will be accused of being “pro-drug”, labeled as weak on crime, and believe that marijuana is not a wonder drug (even if that means overriding scientific and medical evidences without any valid reason and proof). Moreover, how would court expenses that are paid by marijuana offenders be justified and how would the police departments justify their budgets fighting marijuana and making a lot of money by seizing property during marijuana busts?

    Why Legalize Marijuana?
    Legalization of marijuana would not only create thousands of jobs based on a clean and sustainable source of fuel, medicine, and fiber, but it would also help the treasury earn taxes worth billions. Moreover, legalizing marijuana would save taxpayers’ money by the elimination of the money spent on law enforcement, the courts, and the prisons. More importantly, it would help individuals and families who have been criminalized by a system that promotes arrests, fines, and confiscation.

    Legalizing marijuana would not only restore social consent and help billions of people worldwide get cured of medical complications, but to also avoid lives of people getting ruined by unjustified arrest and confiscation.

    The belief that people who advocate marijuana use are either uninformed or their jobs depend upon the mandatory acceptance of marijuana prohibition is nothing but a pure myth. This is primarily because the laws against marijuana are arbitrary, unjust, and wrong and the findings that gave birth to these laws are biased towards big pharmaceutical companies that are threatened by the greatest gift of the Mother Nature, marijuana.

    The findings of the Canadian Senate Special Committee (on Illegal Drugs. 2002. Cannabis: Summary Report: Our Position for a Canadian Public Policy. Ottawa) says it all. “We believe … that the continued prohibition of cannabis jeopardizes the health and well-being of Canadians much more than does the substance itself or the regulated marketing of the substance. In addition, we believe that the continued criminalization of cannabis undermines the fundamental values set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and confirmed in the history of a country based on diversity and tolerance.

    … It is for this reason that the Committee recommends that the Government of Canada amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to create a criminal exemption scheme, under which the production and sale of cannabis would be licensed, [and] … to permit persons over the age of 16 to procure cannabis and its derivatives at duly licensed distribution centers.”

    In short, marijuana prohibition is nothing but unjust, the epitome of unwarranted big government intrusion into and interference with our private lives, and a huge waste of police, legal, and taxpayer resources. The time is not far when marijuana would be made easily accessible for adults who choose to use it, whether for medical use or pleasure and relaxation.


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