• Incarceration

    1 oz or less in your residence or home no penalty N/A N/A
    1 oz to 4 oz misdemeanor 90 days
    More than 4 oz, or 25 or more plants felony 5 years
    Any amount within 500 feet of school grounds or rec. center* felony 5 years
    * If charged with possession of marijuana in a school zone, an affirmative defense may be raised in court that the conduct took place entirely within a private residence.
    Sale or Cultivation
    Sale less than 1 oz misdemeanor 1 year
    1 oz or more felony 5 years
    Miscellaneous (paraphernalia, license suspensions, drug tax stamps, etc…)
    Maintaining any structure or dwelling for keeping and distributing marijuana felony 5 years


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