• France Marijuana Laws

    France Marijuana lawsCannabis is prohibited since 1925 in France and it disappeared from the French pharmacopoeia in 1953. The status remains unchanged since then and the use, importation, transportation, sale, and production of cannabis are strictly prohibited in France.

    Cannabis and the cannabinoids derivatives are not allowed for medical use in France. The French Security Agency for Health Products (AFSSAPS), since 1999, has the authority of delivering nominative or cohort authorization ATU (Temporary Utility Authorization) for health products.

    The French The law allows the movement of hemp (cannabis seeds) and their trade between the Member States of the European Free Trade Area (EU + Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland). People can use hemp legal (with a certificate of compliance) for personal use only and an authorization is sufficient to produce, use, and cultivate non-psychoactive hemp for commercial or professional activities.

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