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Marijuana Superstore Opens In Seattle

A building in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, instead of a state-run liquor store, now holds “the Whole Foods of weed,” according to the man who owns the business inside. Green Ambrosia opened last Saturday and is the…

Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana In California

  • california-cannabis-legalCalifornia became the first state in the United States of America to legalize marijuana in 1996. It happened at a time when the state was struggling to address it’s swelling budget deficits, At which point California medical marijuana laws appeared as attractive ways of raising revenue for the state. It is estimated that California marijuana laws bring at least $1.2 billion in tax revenues besides saving approximately $200 million in enforcement costs for arrests, prosecution, and prison. As a result, California medical marijuana laws also promote employment and spin-off industries such as coffeehouses, tourism and industrial hemp. Moreover, legalized status for marijuana encourages produ…


  • Netherlands Marijuana Laws
    Netherlands Marijuana Laws The purchase and possession of cannabis is tolerated in small amounts in the Netherlands (Holland). Cannabis can…
  • Netherlands


  • israel_marijuana_laws
    Israel Marijuana Laws Marijuana, hashish, cannabis, opiates, cocaine, and related products are illegal drugs in Israel. Laws of the country…
  • Israel


  • Norway Marijuana Laws
    Norway Marijuana Laws The law in Norway prohibits consumption, possession, sale, and purchase of cannabis. The law is extremely severe on can…
  • Norway


  • France Marijuana laws
    France Marijuana Laws Cannabis is prohibited since 1925 in France and it disappeared from the French pharmacopoeia in 1953. The status remain…
  • France

United States of America

  • United-States-of-America-Marijuana-Laws
    United States of America Marijuana Laws Cannabis is classified under the federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970 as a Schedule I drug. The Un…
  • United States of America

United Kingdom

  • United Kingdom Marijuana Laws
    United Kingdom Marijuana Laws The plant cannabis is a schedule 1 drug in all forms (leaf, bud, resin etc.) and not available for regular medicin…
  • United Kingdom