• Sexing

    With Marijuana plants there are different sex’s male and female. The female plant is the one that grows bud. The male plant produces pollen and literally no THC compared to the female.

    You will basically plant your seeds and grow your plant as females, from that you will be able to create clones from cutting your new plant and providing the stem with a clone replicator, which will produce roots to the stem, which is cut from the female plant. After the clone grows roots, it should take about 1 week to 10 days. When they grow to the size you like you should now move them into soil pots and mark these as cloned females and then set them aside in the budding section of your harvest. Make sure you label them because you don’t want to mix them in with the parents.

    The female flower looks a lot like a teardrop with 2-3 hairs coming from the top of the plant.

    The male flower looks like a micro sized bunch of grapes. These cylindrical spheres contain pollen and when ready these male flowers will release their pollen, which will impregnate the female. This is not good because this will now make the female create seeds, which prevents the female from optimizing bud growth. Unless of course you want seeds then have them in the same room. But if you are trying to grow proficient nug you will want to kill the male plants because the pollen they produce have the ability to find a female over 2 miles away so make sure they are taken care of as soon as you know.

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