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Marijuana Superstore Opens In Seattle

A building in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, instead of a state-run liquor store, now holds “the Whole Foods of weed,” according to the man who owns the business inside. Green Ambrosia opened last Saturday and is the…

Marijuana Detection Times

  • images-1The main ingredient of Marijuana, THC (TetraHydraCannabinol), has a half-life of about 10 days. The metabolic rate of the individual user will be the determining factor as to how long the THC will be detected in the urine. Users with fast metabolic rates and low usage will have the shortest detection times, while chronic use of Marijuana combined with slow metabolic rates will extend detection times. Fluid intake before the tests will also have a determining factor, high amounts of liquids such as water (in multiple liters) will likely flush the system fairly fast for infrequent users. The smartest thing is to allow maximum time needed for THC to be out of the system; thus, estimates of up to 60 days are best and w…

How To Clear Marijuana Drug Test

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    How To Clear Marijuana Drug Tests-Drug Testing Tips The general strategy for passing urine tests is to increase intake of fluids and flow of uri…
  • How To Clear Marijuana Drug Test

Urine Testing for Detecting Marijuana

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    Urine Testing for detecting marijuana use in Regular Users The metabolite levels build up to background levels above 1,000 ng/ml in regular ma
  • Urine Testing for Detecting Marijuana

Marijuana Urine Testing

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    Marijuana Urine Testing Detection Times Urine test results for detecting marijuana depend on many factors, including frequency of use. The m…
  • Marijuana Urine Testing