Cannabis Oil

  • Cannabis Oil

    If you prefer cannabis oil instead of cannabis butter, here is the recipe for marijuana oil that is slightly easier to store than the butter version as you would not be requiring a fridge or freezer.


    • 48 ounce bottle of Canola cooking oil
    • A metal wire strainer
    • One large cooking pot
    • A quarter pound brick weed or 1 ounce of nuggets
    • A large funnel that fits in the cooking oil bottle


    1. Empty the entire oil bottle into the large cooking pot.
    2. Heat on medium flame until the oil is hot (not boiling), which would be about 200 degrees.
    3. Crumble up cannabis into shake and pour the seeds, stems, and everything of it into the pot.
    4. Stir well for every 10 minutes or so on for the next two hours. It is important for you to NOT allow the mixture to boil and it should be kept hanging just below the boiling point or the oil will burn and taste bad.
    5. The oil may appear greenish or a little brown after two hours, which is very much normal and shows that the resin has been properly extracted from the leaf products.
    6. Allow the oil to cool itself for half an hour.
    7. Now, carefully strain the marijuana oil through the strainer.
    8. Pour the oil into an equally-large container and squeeze the weed well to get all the cannabis cooking oil out.
    9. Now, funnel the cannabis oil back into the bottle and start cooking the weed brownies.

    Use cannabis oil sparingly.

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